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Ultra High Purity (UHP) Quality Controlled

UHP Gas Delivery System

WSG provides the complete array of product solutions for UHP gas and vapor hook-up infrastructure installation as well as UHP gas and chemicals delivery system installation for:

  • semiconductors
  • microelectronics
  • photovoltaic and solar cell applications
  • flat panel display industries including OLED, LCD and LED
  • ultra high purity gas cabinet systems

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UHP product portfolio:

*UHP-018 | EP Double Melt (D/M) Seamless Products for toxic gas applications
*UHP-026 | EP Double Melt (D/M) Coiled Seamless Products
*UHP-014 | EP Single Melt Seamless Products for bulk or specialty gas applications
*UHP-024 | EP Single Melt (S/M) Coiled Seamless Products
*UHP-815 | EP Coaxial Products
*UHP-012 | BA Single Melt (S/M) Seamless Products
*UHP-010 | AP Single Melt (S/M) Seamless Products
*UHP-114 | EP Welded Products
*UHP-112 | BA Welded Products
*UHP-110 | AP Welded Products
*UHP-210 | AP Welded and Drawn Products
*UHP-514 | EP Welded Products, OD > 150A
*UHP-512 | BA Welded Products, OD > 150A
*UHP-626 | EP Flexible Metal Hose, seamless
*UHP-726 | EP Flexible Metal Hose, welded
*HVT-110 | BA Welded Products, Mill Finish for High-Vacuum Applications
*HVT-111 | BAP Welded Products, OD polished for High-Vacuum Applications