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Sanitary & Hygienic Applications

3A Certified Tubing and Fitting Products for

Sanitary Piping Systems

WSG provides the complete array of tubing and fitting products for sanitary piping systems used in:

  • milk, yogurt and cheese industries
  • liquor and winery industries
  • soft carbonated drinks
  • fresh bottled water
  • soy sauce and solid sauce

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on Food & Beverages product portfolio:

*S3A-010 | SF1 Seamless Tubing, USA Standard
*S3A-211 | SF1 Welded and Drawn Tubing, USA Standard
*S3A-111 | SF1 Welded Tubing, USA Standard
*SKS-111 | SF1 Welded Tubing, Korean Hygienic Standard
*SJS-111 | SF1 Welded Tubing, Japanese Hygienic Standard
*SAS-111 | AWP As welded and OD Polished, Australian Hygienic Standard
*SDN-111 | CC Welded Tubing, Pickled, EN Standard
*SDN-112 | CD Welded Tubing, Pickled, OD polished, EN Standard
*SDN-113 | BC Welded Tubing, Bright Annealed, EN Standard
*SDN-114 | BD Welded Tubing, Bright Annealed, OD polished, EN Standard