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Storage Tanks for Bioprocess

Purified Water & Water for Injection

Storage Tank

CREST BST Storage Tanks

    • store purified water or other liquids is essential device in the pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary, biology, chemistry, and fermentation industries
    • consists of a type 316L stainless steel vessel and standard sanitary clamp-type connection
    • upper and lower-level connection, temperature thermo well connection
    • a spare connection in compliance with GMP&ASME
    • Interior surfaces are mechanically polished and electro-polished to maintain optimum sanitary conditions
    • contact surface is passivated according to pharmaceutical requirements
    • Jacketed hydrophobic vent filter
    • Level transmitter & compound pressure gauge & pressure release valves
    • insulation available in special material on request
    • Stringent QA/QC procedures by SOP procedure
    • Spray ball installed (CIP, SIP)

Product Details

    • Material: SS316L or 304 (on request)
    • Surface finish: surface roughness Ra 0.28~0.4µm
    • Type: Vertical or horizontal (with legs, feet, wheels)
    • Specification: 50L~2000L
    • Normal pressure: JB7431
    • Standard: ASME Ⅷ DIV1, PED 91/23/EC, GB150-2011, ASME BPE
    • Single layer or with jacket or insulation
    • Components: vent filter, manhole, cleaning ball, liquid level gauge, and control system


    • Calculation report, drawing, schematic diagram
    • FDA certificate and USP Class Ⅵ certificate
    • Raw material mill sheet
    • Weld layout, weld record, welder list, and welder qualification certificate. (WPS, PQR)
    • QC and QA inspection report
    • Pickling passivation report, electrolytic polishing report, and roughness test report
    • The non-destructive test report, pressure test report, and penetration test report
    • ASME U stamp
    • Installation, operation and maintenance manual