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Winner of K-MPE!

Solution Provider of

Localization and Import Substitution

WSG have been successfully delivering substantial cost savings to domestic end-users by persistently executing the localization of materials, parts and equipment,
the value-contribution program that the Korean government strongly supports and we internally calls this endeavor K-MPE.

Here is the list of core products that WSG has localized:

    • The first Korean company to develop ultimate ultra high purity CREST-melt
    • EP tube for nano application of semiconductor
    • The first Korean company to manufacture UHP welded pipe
    • The first Korean company to receive ASME BPE certificate
    • The first Korean company to receive 3A certificate
    • The only manufacturer of fully integrated UHP and ASME BPE tube production in the world

The in-depth presentation of WSG business model and the success of global expansion is available in video file (both in Korean and English).

Please email to Tiffany at at sales@wsgcrest.com for a copy.