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Medical Device Tubing

WSG provides the complete array of tube solutions for surgical devices,
high pressure tube columns, and medical device tubing for:

  • HPLC high performance liquid chromatography
  • Surgical devices
  • Capillary tubing
  • Medical tubing
  • Hypodermic tubing

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Medical Instrument product portfolio:

*PLC-016 | 8 μ-inch Seamless Tubing for HPLC Columns
*PLC-014 | 10 μ-inch Seamless Tubing for HPLC Columns
*PMC-210 | B/A Welded and Drawn Products, Mill Finish
*PMC-010 | B/A Seamless Products, Mill Finish
*PMC-014 | EP Seamless Products, Electropolished
*PHC-210 | BA Welded and Drawn Hypodermic Tubing, Mill Finish