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Relentless Search of Innovative Ideas

WSG is Korea’s leading manufacturer and supplier of meticulously precision-engineered tubular products using stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloys.

Our research and development team has been relentlessly focusing on perfecting weld-fortified, welded-as-seam-less (WSL) and precision-drawn seamless products for more than past 22 years.

WSG primarily provides tubular solutions for the cost-efficient flow systems, which require ultra high purity and high precision disciplined products for the following industries:

Ultra High Purity (UHP) applications

    • semiconductors & microelectronics
    • flat panel display (LCD/OLED) & photovolatic solar cell industries;
    • biotechnology & pharmaceuticals;
    • food and beverages;
    • slurry piping for lithium ion battery production;

High Precision applications

    • medical industries;
    • instrumentation products for
    • oil and gas refining and off-shore marine and shipbuilding industries;
    • linear motion and controls;
    • heat transfer equipment for
    • HVAC, power generation and various energy industries;
    • automotive industries;

WSG family of companies will continue to find innovative procurement solutions for customers by offering the best value per product quality guaranteed.

PTL | CREST Tube is a registered trademark of WSG