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ASME BPE Heat Exchangers

Point of Use

Heat Exchangers

CREST BPX Heat Exchangers

    • tailored to your perfect process to maximize the superior performance, operation safety and long life in compliance with BPE codes
    • double-tube-sheet and fully drainable on product side
    • basically designed to prevent any possibility of mixing and contaminating the processed products with primary media
    • Precise tube side and shell side pressure drop by computerized design software
    • Internal surface finishes of 0.5µm to 0.3µm
    • Fouling factors are calculated in compliance with TEMA
    • insolation available in special material on request

Product Details

    • Product wetted material
    • Shell: Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316,
    • Pure Liquid Contact: Stainless Steel 316 or
    • Non-metallic materials: O-ring materials are available in EPDM, VITON, USP Class Ⅵ
    • Design pressure: 2 ~ 20 Bar
    • Design temperature: 0°C ~ 200°C
    • Heat exchanger type: Straight Tube, U-Tube
    • Standard: ASME BPE, ASME Ⅶ
    • Insulation: rock wool or aluminosilicate insulation or on request


    • Calculation report and drawing stamped by authorized inspection agency
    • FDA certificate and USP Class Ⅵ certificate
    • Raw material mill sheet
    • Weld layout, weld record, welder list, and welder qualification certificate. (WPS, PQR)
    • The non-destructive test report, pressure test report, and penetration test report
    • QC and QA inspection report
    • Pickling passivation report, electrolytic polishing report, and roughness test report
    • ASME U stamp
    • Installation, operation and maintenance manual