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ASME BPE Coolers & Chillers

Coolers and Chillers for

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals


    • designed as a compact module being easy to install, operate and maintain in the pharmaceutical water system
    • contact surface is passivated according to pharmaceutical requirements
    • stringent QA/QC procedures by SOP procedure
    • computer-verified performance
    • Factory Acceptance Testing & Site Factory Acceptance Testing

Product Details

    • Product material
    • Heat Exchanger: Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L
    • Enclosure Cabinet: Stainless Steel 304 or 304L
    • Non-metallic materials: O-ring materials are available in EPDM, VITON, USP Class Ⅵ
    • Instruments: Process instrumentation as required by customer
    • Valves: WSG diaphragm valve or others on request
    • Heat exchanger type: Straight Tube, U-Tube
    • Standard: ASME BPE, UL&CE Certified


    • Calculation report, drawing, schematic diagram
    • FDA certificate and USP Class Ⅵ certificate
    • Raw material mill sheet
    • Weld layout, weld record, welder list, and welder qualification certificate. (WPS, PQR)
    • QC and QA inspection report
    • Pickling passivation report, electrolytic polishing report, and roughness test report
    • ASME U stamp
    • Installation, operation and maintenance manual